Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ravi Hasselhoff

I was watching the Concert for Bangladesh today and was amazed at Ravi Shankar's sitar playing. It got me wondering how sitars work, which led me to the electric sitar, which led to Hooked on a Feeling. Most people know the original by B.J. Thomas (see electric sitar played live) and the nifty cover by Blue Swede. But how many have wrapped their brain around the David Hasselhoff version and the video (which looks as if it were made for purt near thirty dollars, most of which was booze and cheeseburgers)?


L said...

Hasslehoff? The Hoff?

One more bit of proof that Europeans are looney. What a dork.

torgo said...

This video looks like something that was made because someone got new toys.

"Hey, I've got a new 12'x12' green screen. Wanna come over and make a video?"

I was disappointed that they violated their own rule and appear to actually be on location when he's on the boat. Where's the artistic integrity?

brent said...

I liked this comment:
lol 2:61 hasselhoff, with guest appearance Hasselhoff
Remember the joke that he was 5 feet 13 inches tall?
I guess that guy does.