Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Windoze Sucks

Quite the revelation, eh? Here's today's reason why this is true. I had to edit some source code files on my PC. After every few changes I habitually hit control-s to save my changes. You never know when a Windows app is going to hang itself by its own nuts. Anyway, I'm working away in a fast manner and all of a sudden I noticed that I had a system file in front when I hit Save, a file that is in the standard Windoze development folder, not one of our own files. Oddly, the Save worked, even though I had not changed that file in any way. I guess this means that Windoze doesn't think it's a problem that anyone can edit and save system source files. And it's stupid enough to go through with the Save even though it doesn't need to with an unchanged document. The result is that I now have to build everything again, because that system file is used by everything under the sun. Thanks, Bill. You're an idiot. Die.

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