Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What's Yer Pantone?

Got a favorite Pantone color? Still carrying your first Rubine Red color chip that you got as a kid? Have you memorized the CMYK process equivalents for your family room wall paint? Have no idea just what the hell I'm rambling on about? Well, get your color geek on and buy some Pantone–ish stuff, like cufflinks or a coffee cup.


torgo said...

Oh sure; this is just the kind of stuff Rebecca digs. Now how can I coyly find out what her favorite Pantone color is?

Armpit Studios said...

Take a swatch book into her closet and start matching! Or choose one based on her b-day, like 717C is a nice orange if her b-day is July 17. Or open Creator's color picker and randomly pick one by closing your eyes and clicking in the proxy image at the top, then click in the list. Scientific.