Saturday, December 6, 2008


Band practice today. Emily had other commitments, so it was mostly just to get Craig more familiar with our arrangements and work that sort of stuff out. To keep us from getting lost, I did the lead vocals. Or maybe "lead blahs" is more correct. Maybe "lead scatting". I don't know the lyrics to most of the songs we do. Plus, with my cold, I didn't want to push it and lose my voice. At one point I was singing about the various cars that were showing up on the Mac's screen saver.

Craig got a new little tube amp, Fender Blues Jr. I just noticed that all of the knobs go to 12 (click the little thumbnail in More Photos area). He's a sound freak, and he didn't like practicing through the little solid state amp he was using before. Me, I'm a drummer, so I can't hear that tube vs. solid state difference—maybe if I A/B'd two very similar amps. He only uses 4 pedals (a Sonic Stomp is always on) and uses a Quadraverb for reverb and delay, sometimes some flanging. He's also constantly tuning because he hears when something is the tiniest bit outa whack, which is nice to hear again. Jack would tune once at the beginning of practice, but it didn't matter since his technique was so bad, also bending shit outa tune any way.

Oh yeah. At the previous practice, I asked if he knew any Rush. He started playing The Temples of Syrinx from 2112. I joined in. That made my year. Later, Kim said I was smiling the whole time.


Leo said...

Sonic Stomps rule!! Got some for your drums yet? Oh, I have acousitic drums now. :)

Do you have your PA going thru a BBE sonic maximizer yet?

Armpit Studios said...

We play so infrequently that it's hard to get excited about buying PA equipment. Especially since about 1/3 of our gigs are at a place that has house PA. We need a multichannel gate more than anything, to keep my toms in order. They're so resonant that it's hard to keep them under control without plastering shit all over the heads.