Friday, December 19, 2008

Charger GT

As seen in these renders, the new Charger would make a great looking GT racer. I especially like the Gulf motif, although somebody needs to give the artist a lesson in motion blur. OK, I could cut him slack if only front and rear were blurred, as if the camera lens was being zoomed in quickly as the shutter was released (but the blur would be linear from none in the center to max at the outside edges). But even that perception is thrown out the window when you notice the big Gulf logo on the door, half of which is totally in focus and half of which is horizontally blurred. Is the door made of rubber? Is there a drop of water on the lens to cause that distortion? Is the artist a talented dumbass? Did he accidentally click on that area with Photoshop's blur tool right before saving? I'm going with the dumbass theory.

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