Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Music Biz Sucks

I called a place that does CD duplication and printing to see about getting our demo duped. We have a contact there, so that got us a decent discount. I downloaded the template to put the artwork on and the sales guy sent me a quote for 100 of them. Great price. I also downloaded another form that says what content is on the disc, whose owns it, etc. In the table for the track listing, there's a column named "own" and another named "license". I asked the guy what these were for and he told me all about getting licensing for the songs we recorded and sent me to another site. They won't even touch the job if they songs aren't licensed because they can get sued by the greedy music fucktards. To license 4 songs at 100 copies is just over $150. A license fee to record somebody else's song is that much? And we aren't selling the CDs? That even $20 more than the cost of having 100 discs burned and printed! Goddamn greedy music industry cokehead bastards. My response to that is "fuck you." We'll find another way to dupe them. Hell, I'll burn them myself and write on them with a Sharpie, which is what I said we should do in the first place, because no bar owner were I want to play cares about shit like that.

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Leo said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of copywriting.

I've submitted 10 of the boys songs to the copywrite office, and it can get expensive.

Haven't joined a publishing company yet. Looks like we're going with BMI. That's another expense. But the record labels won't even listen to a track that isn't copywrited and published.