Monday, June 15, 2009

Cable Free

I was doing a little mixing today and realized how much of a mess it would've been had all the patches and buses actually been run to outboard boxes via cables, like before digital recording. And all the sheets of paper with notes on when something should be turned up or down when making the final mix–down to stereo. That was kind of a dance you'd do with your fingers. Now you can get enormously complex and not move from your chair. I love it.

My left monitor with the mixer, and the very cool KingDubby old school Echoplex/Space Echo tape–based delay simulator, which is on the vox at the end:

And the right with the tracks:

My desktop images are some that I made, based on the paper drinking cups that were around during the '70s. They had about half a dozen different color combinations. I loved those cups—fantastic design.


brent said...

Now THAT Is cool. That is logic express? Impressive looking shit. I could see you tweaking stuff for the next 17 years. All those knobs and switches and those "wzzzzzzrrrr" things.

Armpit Studios said...

Yup, that's Logic Express. It's pretty much the same as the full version, but it comes with a lot less instruments, plugins, loops, etc.