Monday, June 22, 2009

Lotsa Work

That wedding gig at the zoo was sort of a bitch. Load the crap in through a door, "up this ramp" (use Spicoli accent), into a big slow elevator, down a hall, and into the big room. Luckily there were some heavy duty carts we could load up. It actually took us longer to load in than it did to set up. The big room was rectangular with flat, smooth walls. Yep, pretty much the worse room for sound. Did a quick sound check before they brought in a little penguin and put it in a little fenced–off area. I guess the couple liked penguins; they had a pair of Emperors holding hands on the front of their program. This one was about duck/goose sized. Cute little thing. We got to eat. Food was decent. Then had a long wait while they did a slideshow that went on and on and on for 4 or 5 songs. Fer christ fuckin' sake, a 1–song slideshow is plenty long. Then the best man made a long speech. Then the bride's maid. Then some other chick made a really boring speech. Then we could finally start.

We played their favorite song, Happy Together, then stopped so they could have a mother/son dance to some song on an iPod. Then we went back on. It ended up being a pretty good crowd and they had a lot of fun having a live band. I thought we'd probably be done after the 2nd set, but they were all still in party mode for the 3rd set, then even made us do an encore. And then we had to load all the shit out the same way. Blargh. I don't wanna play there ever again.

Our grass grew like greased ape shit after the rain last week, and I was too tired to even attempt mowing on Sunday. Today was 95° and all humid–like, but since the forecast shows more rain, I at least did the front yard tonight at about 9:00. Seems weird to go out and mow that late, but Geoff was also doing the same thing, and it was still really light out.

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Leo said...

Heh, I mowed our front lawn at 9 last night, too!! Damn it's growing fast!!! I had just done it 4 days ago.