Tuesday, June 2, 2009

More Fun with Paint

For the helluvit, a Mustang in the old gaudy black gold Cobra II paint. Not even that can make this generation of Mustang look good.

I don't have any good cars to paint like this, but the Pierson Brothers Coupe is one of the most famous of the land speed cars, and I've always loved the simple paint job they had on it.

The Mark Donohue Sunoco paint that was on his Porsche 917 CanAm racer first caught my eye when I saw it on an R/C car when I was a kid. I stuck it on my 944, to keep it in the family.

I can't make it do wheelies and I can't move the engine to the back, but it still makes this early 'Cuda look cool going around a track.

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