Friday, June 26, 2009

330 P4

I got around to the Legends Rivalry race a week or 2 ago, choosing to go with the Ferrari 330 P4 instead of the Ford GT40. I test drove both beforehand and felt the 330 was less of a handful. Painted 'er up with a '60s racing feel and went at it. I've been using the DX sticker I made for the Sunoco Porsche livery on a lot of cars, cuz I've liked their logo since I was a kid. Here I am leading the pack at Sebring.

I hope they'll add the 312PB to Forza3. I had a blast racing my G+Plus around and around, oiling it, replacing and shaping the pickup shoes, drilling the chassis and wheels to make it lighter, and adding a finned chrome valve cover from a 1/24 scale model with one end cut off as an air scoop on the top, beside the driver, helping to bring cooling air to the motor. OK, so that probably added more weight than it did sucking in air, but I thought it was a good idea.

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