Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Video Thingy

I think I forgot to tell y'all about this. A friend of Emily's went handheld with John's camera and got some neat footage of everyone a few weeks ago. I managed to chop it up and blend it with another gig and make a really crappy video. I could've gone all '80s and used various video f/x, but that would be even dopier. Other than it being a different bar and me playing different fills each time, it blended together fairly well. Although I did have to vary the speed of the handheld shots because we played the song a tiny bit slower or faster that night. It was pretty easy to do in iMovie. iMovie did manage to fuck up the audio when it rendered the version for YouTube. I'm finding it obvious that Apple throws a lot more R&D at the pro level products that they charge a lot more money for. Logic Express has been rock solid, whereas Garage Band, iMovie, and iDVD always seem to produce little spots of puke on the carpet.

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brent said...

Sounded good. The video quality has sure come a long way, hasn't it.