Saturday, May 23, 2009

Summer Good!

Summer sure is a long time coming up here. Could be worse if we lived in Canadialand. Or Sweden. We watched Let the Right One In last night, a Swedish movie about a 12–year old vampire. Man, everybody had 2 or 3 sweaters on most of the time. I much prefer shorts and driving with the windows down. BTW, that is a fantastic movie. It's more of a story about friendship than anything. One of the kids just happens to be a creepy kid so pale that he could be Edgar Winter's offspring, and is fascinated by murder. The other one is a vampire. I did not see the end coming.

Today I mowed the yard, then fixed the vent above the garage door. It's a big slatted thing made from wood. The slats have loosened up and eventually started falling out. One scared Kim one morning after she opened the garage door to leave, and it smacked down on the driveway. I just climbed on the truck through the attic access in the garage, pulled the whole thing out, got the brad nailer out and nailed both ends of each slat in, then put the whole thing back. Easy peasy.

We ordered a different rack for Kim. That SKB just sucked with the stupid little door in the back. We found a Gator that's a couple inches deeper, yet still not the full depth like the big ones. It arrived Friday, so we took the SKB back to Guitar Center today, and I picked up a bigger FireWire interface so I can record more than 2 mics at once. I also decided to get a 2nd set of double–bass pedals and another kick trigger to keep in the basement. The old EP1's are so loud because the rubber trigger is so hard, and one of them has died again. And I didn't want to deal with bringing in the ones I use on gigs because I'm lazy. We might start doing some recording on Monday. We need a new demo with Andy. The old one is so embarrassing with Jack on there. Steve the studio guy tried to clean up his timing issues and even ran some parts through autotune. But there's only so much shine you can get from a turd. (Although they got one pretty shiny on Mythbusters.)

Kim & I really wanted some pulled pork sandwiches from Baker's Ribs today, so we drove out to Eden Prairie on the way back from GC. Ack! They're closed this whole weekend for the holiday!! Fuck. We had our taste buds ready for that, so we went to Famous Dave's instead. Not nearly as good, but it still hit the spot. I had fun trying 4 of their BBQ sauces. The Sweet & Zesty and Georgia Mustard were my favorites. I like the kick of vinegar in the mustard one.

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