Friday, May 29, 2009

Intermittent Wipers = Movie Gold

We finally saw Flash of Genius tonight, the one about the inventor of the intermittent wiper battling Ford for patent infringement. I thought Greg Kinnear did an excellent job of playing a somewhat socially–inept engineer type. One scene involved him cross–examining himself on the witness stand, and he was convincingly sincere in his belief that it would be done that way. Lauren Graham plays his wife. She's cute and a good actress, normally really funny, but here more wife–like. Nice job of period set dressing, except for the mags on one Camaro, obviously modern big dumb bastards with low–profile tires. C'mon!

I finally found some glasses frames I like. I hate the wire ones I've had for the past bunch of years, because they're too short, so the bottom is right in my field of vision when I look down at something. I hate all the trendy tiny frames. They make most people look like perverts. It will be good when the designers decide to go back to something that better fits more people's faces and are actually good for the eyes. Anyhoo, I found some black plastic ones that aren't huge on me. We went into the shop last weekend when we were in the Galeria. Gotta go in tomorrow for an exam. I'm just glad I don't have to go all the way to uptown or where ever to find some geeky frames.

The FireWire audio interface I got came with a disc of 3rd party software. Most are extremely limited demos. God I hate those. What good is an Ampeg bass amp modeler if you can only turn the volume knob? But one of them is fully working and really cool. It's an electric piano modeler; Rhodes and Wurlitzers. It sounds damn good and has a variety of knobs for vibrato, phaser, overdrive, etc. Too bad I can't play keys worth a shit.

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