Friday, January 2, 2009

Acme Tools

Neighbor Geoff and I went up to Acme Tools today (wow, slow ass site). What a cool fuckin' place. Had a whole herd of Powermatic shop machines. I opened the side wart door on the tablesaw that covers the motor and was greeted by a huge goddamn motor and parts designed and machined with care. The hand crank for the blade height is so smooth as you spin it. Shit, I wish I had the space. They also sell Stiletto titanium hand tools which are all locked in place with big security cables. Why? Cuz the framing hammers reach into the $300 range. They do feel nice, and so light. The hickory handled ones were super light and easy to swing. It's amazing how light titanium is when you feel a big hunk of it like that. They even sell some Rockler stuff, which I thought was odd.

We also made the trek up to a Hennepin County recycling place up on 169 north of 694. Busy place. Between the 2 of us we had his trunk fairly full of old monitors, prints, and assorted electronics. Then on the way back he pulled into this water softener place where you honk and drive in around back to buy salt. They load it up. 7th bag is free. I got a couple bags, which was good because Kim was going to mention that she thought the water felt a bit hard. Turns out she was right—no salt at all left in the softener.

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