Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pork Sammiches

We played the Vadnais Heights Heritage Festival last night. They had a showmobile (take that, Leo!;) for the bands to play on. It was much cleaner than the truck trailer they had in Foreston a few weeks ago. We had plenty of time to set up (I hate being rushed) and they were still serving pork by that time, so woohoo!! But, the pork was overly shredded and sitting in those big rectangular warming tub things (ya know, the white things you'd see food in at a church social), so it wasn't what I was hoping for from a pig roast. Still pretty tasty though.

We played 2 sets, then they had a fireworks show. They gave Denny a CD to play. He had to call the guy, hit start, and count off the first 10 seconds so the guy knew when to start the computerized fireworks show. The last shell exploded almost exactly on the last note of the song. Pretty cool. We played one more set, then as we were tearing down it started getting windy. Some tables had umbrellas, and they all blew over. Then when the little tent they had over the sound board blew over is when I started keeping an eye on the top of the showmobile. I could just see that breaking and come swinging down and smash us against the back wall. Just as we were getting the last half dozen things packed into our trailer did it start pouring. Close call.

The 2 new tunes went over really well; Kravitz' Are You Gonna Go My Way and Is She Really Going out with Him? (I sing that one).


Leo said...

Did the showmobile have a PA and lights already in it? I love when that happens.

I bet you got nervous when the wind came up, especially in light of the recent rash of stage collapses.


Armpit Studios said...

Nope, it was just a portable stage that opened up into a shell. Yeah, those shows were exactly what I was thinking of.

Leo said...

We got sprinkled on before we started playing. Had a big tarp along though so it was all ok.

Sky cleared off and things were good.