Friday, August 26, 2011

A Little Present

If everything goes well Monday morning, I will be employed again, this time at MakeMusic. After my first year at MultiAd, they gave me a raise. As a token of self–congratulations, I bought myself a neat pen that I still keep at my desk. Nothing fancy. It was maybe $25 or so. Keep in mind that my starting salary there was really low for a software engineer. So yeah, a pen. Tonight I decided I deserved more for getting this much better job, so I picked up an Orange Tiny Terror 7W/15W amp and a 112 cabinet. I asked Kim if I have to take it back if I manage to not get the job. She didn't say anything.


Leo said...

Not to jinx you or anything, but if it needs to be returned, I am an OFFICIAL ORANGE RETURN CENTER. She can just mail it to me (collect even!) and we'll take care of it!! :)

Armpit Studios said...

Aw shucks, I got the job. No need to return it to the Orange shipping center in Kalona. ;)

Leo said...

Congrats! Now get to work!