Saturday, August 7, 2010


So it seems that installing the 8.2 updates fucked up my 6.1.126 somehow. It can no longer connect to my G5 to back it up. I'm still using 6 for that because I need the Retrospect Event Handler to wake it up and put it to sleep. Otherwise it's a power hog that just heats up the room. 8 doesn't offer such a nice AppleScript thingy as that, and 8's built–in Wake–on–LAN feature doesn't work on the G5. They picked a non–standard wake–on–lan implementation?

But hey, at least they fixed the label recognition thing so it will once again ignore anything with the Grey label. It was including lots and lots of humongous stuff that didn't need to be backed up because the earlier versions didn't work with labels correctly. Looks like they fixed that in 8.1.x, but I didn't notice until now. However, they still put folders into the backup that should be filtered out, but not their contents. They say that's the correct behavior. I can live with that, even though it doesn't sound correct to me. Why recreate the folder structure of folders that will be empty and the user didn't want backed up in the first place?

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