Friday, August 6, 2010

The Many Loves of Retrospect

Seems nobody wants to remain the owner of Retrospect for very long. It changed from Dantz to EMC a year or two ago I think, and now suddenly I get a release announcement from Roxio. At least Roxio has a well–loved product that should give some clout to Retrospect. And they still make you do all the legwork in figuring out how to download and update the clients and server, even though the app itself can download and install its own update. They give you a little dialog box that says to update the client and server, and there's an Update button, which you think will update them for you. Nope. It takes you to a web site and you have to figure out that you need to download the one named Retrospect 8.2.0 (399) Installer, even though that will re–download the app that you just got done updating. But it also contains the server and client. Why entire fucking thing isn't automated, I can't figure out. Dumbasses.

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torgo said...

But more importantly, they fixed the problem I had with having a proactive backup and wanting it to only run on Saturday and Sunday. No more turning the full backup script on every Saturday morning and then off every Sunday night!

'Course, it still crashes randomly. But maybe less now? At least they're using launchctl, so I can restart it from the command-line rather than logging in to the GUI.