Monday, March 8, 2010

Tron Legacy

I honestly don't remember seeing Tron when it was first released. I do remember feeding token after token into the Tron video game machines at the mall. I did finally watch it at some point and thought it was a little too Disney, like there should be knights and wizards or something dumb like that. A more recent viewing a few years ago put it in a slightly different, more favorable light—probably just the effect of me being at a totally different place in life. I certainly wouldn't call it one of the best sci&ndash-fi movies ever made, but it does have the credit of taking sci–fi to a different level with its f/x and stuff. It's definitely something I'd watch if it's on TV on a Sunday afternoon after a gig.

So now a new movie is being hyped to the geeks of old, Tron Legacy, still starring Jeff Bridges (trapped in the digital realm for 25 years). I'm actually kind stoked to see this one. The selling point for me is that Olivia Wilde is also in it. Hubba hubba. Here's a shitty looking pirated trailer if you want to watch. It's hard to tell what's going on because it's so dark and low–res.


torgo said...

Or see it better (even in superior QuickTime format): at this site.

I may actually see this. We've got the original in our DVD collection, in all its hand-scratched special-effects goodness.
Unless of course they screw it up, like some Transformers-type thing.

Armpit Studios said...

Golly, an actual original trailer, not captured by a kid with a phone? I don't understand! Why does it look so real?

Thanks fer the link. :)