Thursday, March 4, 2010

Polaroid Guts

Here's a cool film made in 1972 about the Polaroid XS–70 camera. What's cool is it shows and describes how the thing works. It's truly an engineering marvel, as well as a chemical marvel to have the photos come out that good simply by squishing the chemicals from one place to another. If you hadn't heard, they finally stopped production of Polaroid film last year. The factory was sold, I think by someone who might still produce it in limited batches. The warm and fuzzy look of a Polaroid photo is surpassed only by the intense colors of Kodachrome.


torgo said...

As usual, the best part of that was the music. Why were flutes so popular back then, anyway? I was -2 when it was made, so I don't have any answers.

Armpit Studios said...

The flute looked great with polyester. That's why.

And my second to last sentence, I meant… well, you can figure it out.