Tuesday, March 2, 2010

That Was Weird

This morning iTunes kept giving me an error about not being able to save the library because it couldn't find the file. I'd been downloading lots of free music lately. Then I noticed my drive had 3M free. Three meg! Sure, the music files I get are mostly encoded at 320k and contain hi–res scans of the album cover, but I couldn't believe I'd filled up my 1T boot drive. I launched Grand Perspective to see what was eating up all the space. Half the space was taken up by a Retrospect backup. WTF? I'd started a new media set yesterday, still trying to figure out which is the best way to run Retrospect these days, and when I got to the step where you add a member to the set, thought I was choosing the source. So I set the member to be on the root of my boot drive instead of in my backup folder on the external. Oops. So I deleted that set, made a new one, and started the new backup all over again.

I partially blame Restrospect for being confusing and not being verbal enough in its various sheets that slide down during the creation of a media set.

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