Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mad Magazine

It's what all the smart guys in the future will read.

Kim got me this Schecter Hellraiser in Black Cherry for my birthday. Can't believe they finally had one in stock that didn't have bats on the fretboard. Coil taps on the volume knobs (yes, 2 knobs so I can go all Ace Frehley with the pickup switch).


Leo said...

That is one damn fine guitar. I really liked the Schecter stuff. I liked the C1 Plus I had from a workmanship/quality standpoint. Their necks are just a bit wide for my hands.

BTW, happy belated birthday.

Leo said...

How do you like the Floyd Rose?

Armpit Studios said...

So far, I love it. Deep dive bombs are just so fun, and coming back up to exactly in tune compared to the Strat is nice. The strings are new on it, so I've had to take the bridge tuners most of the way down and loosen the nut to tighten them up some.

Leo said...

That's a constant chore with the Floyd Rose. There will be a 'sweet spot' where the strings won't need any more adjustment, and then as the strings age, they start to stretch and then it gets to be kinda annoying.

BUT, it does work great, and that's a damn fine guitar.

Wilkerson seems to have the whammy bar-stay-in-tune-without-a-locking-nut thing down. The Cort has that system and it's user friendly.

Is that thing heavy as hell? As I recall, the one I had was, in kind of a good way. Felt like you could go into a fight with it and it'd still be in tune after you bashed someone's head in.

Armpit Studios said...

It doesn't seem any heavier than the Strat, but then I guess I haven't really compared. It doesn't feel nearly as heavy as a Les Paul.