Friday, June 18, 2010

Those Chooky Christians

I know big hairdos were the thing in the '60s, but these religious singing groups seemed to take it to the extreme. The Joyful Sounds liked it piled high, while The Faith Tones (no relation to The Dial Tones) went for more of a space helmet look. These 2 chicks knew the lord didn't want them wasting so much time on their hair, so went with snazzy hats instead.

Religion also begat some unfortunate phrases. Poor little guy. Looks like Neil Peart's gonna get lucky in the life boat. Which one is coming, the guy behind the bass player?

Some albums just make you wonder why it never got to be a hit. The same goes for the great name this guy has.

And yeah, some are self explanatory.

I love that site.

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