Sunday, June 27, 2010

Light Work

The florescent light over the mirror in the master bath died a few days ago. Sure makes it hard to shave and stuff. We got a new one yesterday (oh weird - just as I typed that word, the song Yesterday started in iTunes) and started swapping them today. Whoever put up the old one is a lazy jerk–faced douche nozzle. You know how there's usually an adapter plate bolted onto the in–wall box? And then there fixture is bolted to that plate? Well, this genius slid a bolt through from the backside of the plate and fixture, threaded a nut down over it to hold everything tight, and then—because the bolt was way too long—bent the bolt down so it wouldn't intrude into the fixture guts. It snapped off when I bent it back, and of course turning the nut only turned the bolt along with it. Luckily I was able to bent the fixture back and remove the adapter plate from the box. God I hate lousy contractors.

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