Monday, October 10, 2011


I hate it when people don't think. The family next door has a nanny (beats off–loading them to day care I guess). The nanny doesn't park in their driveway (which is large enough to hold 4 cars), nor does she park in front of their house. Instead, she parks right in front of our mailboxes. So every fucking day the mailman has to stop, shut off the engine, unbuckle, get out, walk 8', deliver the mail, take a picture of the car to document the reason he had to get out of his truck (I asked him about that once), get back in, buckle up, start it up, and continue on his way. I assume it wastes more fuel to restart the engine than it does to idle for 15 seconds. Then we come home in the afternoon and have to do pretty much the same thing, rather than just driving right up to the mailbox. I don't know why the USPS can't issue parking tickets to idiots who constantly park in stupid places.


torgo said...

Could be worse. Our mailman just doesn't put our mail in the mailbox when the hippy drummer kids come to have their lessons at the neighbor's music school in his garage.
Dang musicians can't park in front of the house they're going to. I'm glad I don't know any drummers, they're probably all like that. ;)
On the plus side, the mailman comes at like 9 AM now, so there's usually nobody parked in front of our house then.

(p.s. Captcha for this one: nards)

Armpit Studios said...

From now on, I'm parking in front of your mailbox and catching a cab to the office. Drummers are vengeful creatures.

torgo said...

Makes sense - my house is a whole 3/4 of a mile closer to your work than yours is, right? And you're probably disoriented because for the first time in a while, "going to work" means leaving the house.

brent said...

Drummers are never out of bed at 09:00.