Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Alice Cooper Has Gone to Hell

I was a bit excited when I saw that Alice Cooper released Welcome 2 My Nightmare this year. Then I read that Kesha was on one track (What Baby Wants). Autotune is used heavily on that one and another (I Am Made of You). Nothing hurts the ears more than autotune. Oh, Vincent, what have you done? Bob Ezrin produced it. You'd think he wouldn't've done that to Alice. says that Patterson Hood (Drive-by Truckers) plays guitar on the album, but credits him as a composer. Even that doesn't excuse the user of Kesha and autotune.


Leo said...

Alice sez that Kesha is talented beyond the crap she's putting out. He wants to put a rock band behind her. Says the gurl rawks.

Meh. I hate her. But the Coop is cool. He might know somethin.

Yeah the auto tune thing is waaaaay lame.

Armpit Studios said...

If that song is showing her talent, I still don't hear it. It's just modern dance shit with her voice so enhanced that it's no longer her voice.