Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tostitos Nacho Cheese

Seems like I'm constantly telling Kim or somebody about these, but nobody remembers them. I bet Leo does. They need to bring them back. They were so delicious. I couldn't recall what the packaged looked like, but then I found these photos on flickr and went "oh yeah!"

I love the text in the bottom–right corner of the back about not being a litterbug.


torgo said...

Wait ... they stopped making Tostitos? When?

Armpit Studios said...

They stopped making the Nacho Cheese flavored chips. They still make plain (and plainish) tortilla chips.

Leo said...

Yep...I don't know why the heck they conceded that flavor to Doritos.

I'd forgotten about those, Steve.

Love the nutritional facts on the back. Less salt than 2 slices of bread!!! Whoa!!!

torgo said...

What next, you're gonna tell me they stopped making Buenos chips too?

Ei ei ei ei, the Mexican taste of Buenos! They're crispy, they're crunchy, they're fun to eat, Buenos tortilla chips!

(At least that's how I remember the jingle going)

Armpit Studios said...

No more Suncheros either. They were good, and I loved it when the indian starts singing their song.

Anonymous said...

I Wish They'd Bring These Back! They Were My Favorite!!!