Friday, May 21, 2010


Why does Tila Tequila exist? Does she serve any purpose to mankind? Is she actually a real human woman? I really doubt it. I think her only talent is making money by looking and acting like nothing I'd ever want to hump. I've got nothing aginst breast enhancement, but I do believe the purpose of them is to make a woman look more appealing, more delicious, yet still womanly and natural. That's where most of these current no–talent whores go wrong. It's great to show them off, but they might wanna pick their clothing with more care and not blatantly show their breast surgery scars to everyone, and get more believable, pleasant looking enhancements in the first place instead of these monstrosities shaped like lumpy beach balls that they all get. Here's a pretty much NSFW example (click again to enlarge if you have a barf bag nearby) of this plastic slut showing the world her Frankensteinian features. Cripes, even her head looks fake and gross.

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