Sunday, February 14, 2010

Porsches and Food

Last week we drove by a Bennigan's off of 394 we used to eat at once in a while when we lived in Plymouth. Today we decided to go there for supper. That didn't work so well, cuz it's been closed. We ended up at Friday's and got stuck at a small table near the kitchen because it was the only thing open at the time, and we were starving. At least the food was good, and they no longer wear all that shit all over their clothes.

We passed the Porsche and Audi dealers on the way back. I spied 2 Panameras on the lot, so I pulled in to get a real–life view of them. Some people bitch about them looking like crap, but not me, and I think they look even better in person. There was also a Cayman right next to them. Bad ass. I couldn't see any R8s in the Audi showroom.

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