Friday, January 15, 2010

Mediacom's New Web Sites Suck

Mediacom has been redoing its entire internet system, it seems. First mail was hosed for some customers for a few weeks. Now they've switched to some new web page system that is horrible. I don't know why they couldn't just leave our old sites alone. Nope. They had to move them—breaking them in the process—and then really didn't explain anything. There are new Personal Web Page publishing/editing tools available online, but they are the most annoying, ugly, hard–to–understand pieces of shit I've ever seen. They look like they were designed by Hadji in India. Nothing makes sense. Few things work. It's ugly as hell. They don't support Safari, and that's complete bullshit. It's a total failure.

So I re–uploaded my sites to their server, but I still don't see my stuff when I visit it. Then noticed they moved my old files to a folder named "public". So I downloaded the site so I could move the real stuff into that folder, delete it from the old location, and upload it again, but it keeps puking when it gets to one of their folders named "img". Why? Because some genius decided to name files bgGrey.jpg and bggrey.jpg. That's legal on most Unixes, but not on any other OS that uses the far more friendly case–insensitive naming convention.

So fuck Mediacom. I'm no longer going to use their servers. I'll stick them on my iDisk and retain control without all the bullshit that some Mediacom idiot thought was a great idea.

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